Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The #PMFlashBlog - Right here, Right now

You knew this was coming and now it's here:

#PMFlashBlog - What Project Management Means To Me

Project Management is an interesting beast conjuring up lots of images and meaning many things to many people. Those who do it are professional in their work yet the debate rages as to whether it’s a profession in its own right. I don’t think it matters much if the people doing it are professional in their actions and desire to do quality and valuable work. Ultimately it’s about people, change, leadership and management. But this post isn’t a debate about what project management is or isn’t. No, it’s a post about what project management means to me. 

So, regardless of your experience, involvement with it or credentials, I believe project management exists to contribute and deliver value to an organisation and its business. This must never be underestimated or lost sight of.

With that in mind here’s what project management means to me…

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

#PMFlashBlog - Coming Soon to a Blog near you!

September 25th at 0100hours GMT - Mark your calendars!

Introducing the first ever #PMFlashBlog event - the brainchild and fab initiative of Shim Marom. With the theme of 'What does project management mean to me' this is virtual networking and collaboration at its best.

With 70+ (the number just keeps growing!) project management bloggers from around the globe involved we're all writing about the same topic with publication synchronised for the same time.

Read more to view the entire list of contributors or click here to see an excellent world map infographic created by Henny Portman (one of the many #PMFlashBlog'ers) that shows the locations of all those taking part.

Subscribe to the RSS feeds, follow us on Twitter and join in with a global event that will be informative, educational and entertaining.

Don't forget... September 25th at 0100hours GMT.