Monday, 18 July 2011

Project Past Due - Could be Time to Stop It, Now!

When a project is past its use-by date or looks unlikely to deliver the desired benefits in the agreed timeframe, tough decisions need to be made. Often a company will push on determined to see this thing through, following the kind of philosophy as described in Dead Horse Management. But throwing more money at it or changing the people involved doesn’t always work.

To end or not to end, that is the question but what on earth is the answer? The answer is, quite simply, to do what is best for your organisation and that could be to Stop It, Now!

Let’s take a look at a common example many of you will recognise…

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Has Leadership lost all Accountability?

I’ve just finished reading Chapter 14 of William Tate’s book “The Search for Leadership – An Organisational Perspective”. As the phone hacking scandal at News of the World was exposed and continues to explode across all forms of media, my timing couldn’t have been better. You see Chapter 14 focuses on Leadership and Accountability and as more and more details come out about News of the World and News International the more William Tate’s writings make sense.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Principles for Intelligent Transition

If you want your IT project to be embraced as business as usual operations you must go through a transition process. But you can't be random about it and still expect great results. You need to consistently apply some logical and proven principles.

Read on to discover the principles that give project owners the knowledge to transition their projects with less difficulty and disruption. Or register now for instructions on how to download the full "Principles for Intelligent Transition" guide.