Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Observations from IRM's IBCT Forum, London

March 2017 saw IRM UK hold Europe's only Innovation, Business Change and Technology Forum, or IBCT for short, in London. As this was the inaugural event, it was designed by practitioners for practitioners. Chaired by Chris Potts, the programme was structured so that each session consisted of a 30 minute presentation with short Q and A, followed by 45 minutes of interactive facilitated discussion. 

I had the opportunity to speak at the IBCT Forum 2017 on a topic entitled 'Putting the Business Centre Stage of Change and why that's important to Projects'. Chris Potts facilitated this session and the post-presentation discussion was extremely interactive. The energy in the room was high with everyone sharing ideas, challenges and thinking.

In this post I share what I experienced and key themes I observed repeatedly over the two days of the Forum.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Fa la la la laaaa

Season's Greetings

From Deanne and the team

May 2017 bring continued business and project success

Friday, 25 November 2016

New eBook: How to be a Good Project Manager

Last month I published my response to Rogerio Manso's question 'What is your best advice to be a good project manager?' If you haven't read it yet you can do so by clicking here.

The question was prompted by TimeCamp's list of the Top 123 Influencers in the project management industry in 2016, and Rogerio's worked hard to consolidate the advice he received.

He's done a great job and this eBook is a collective of that advice from the 30 influencers who responded.

Published by the team at PMAGP, they say knowledge should not be proprietary. Knowledge should be shared to create more knowledge. I agree with them!

If you do too then download your copy today and continue sharing the knowledge.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Book Review: Leading in a Changing World

In September I attended the Global WIN Conference in Rome. One of the plenary speakers was Keith Coats. A South African, he's now based in London and is a founding partner of TomorrowToday Global, a strategic insights firm. His plenary talk was on-point for the challenges faced by leaders and business today. He focused on something he calls Adaptive Intelligence, making clear that this is a cultural challenge rather than a strategic one.

After listening to Keith, I bought the book he and his TomorrowToday Global partner Graeme Codrington have written together. What follows is my review of the 2015 Edition of their book Leading in a Changing World.